Gorgeous Garages 3 – MBGBR Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack and Grabit 3 Piece Drill Set

Gorgeous Garages 3 - MBGBR Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack and Grabit 3 Piece Drill Set

Gorgeous Garages 3 – MBGBR Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack

Gorgeous Garages 3 - MBGBR Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack

  • Gorgeous Garages 3 – MBGBR Monkey Bar Golf Bag Rack will securely store 6 Golf Bags off the garage floor with only 15 minutes of installation needed. Just 4 screw into 2 studs 48″ apart and you’re finished. No longer do you have to store golf bags on the floor, in the corner, or in your trunk. Get them off the floor and onto the rack to save space and safely store your valuable golf equipment. Take back the valuable floor space in the garage. This rack does not limit you on the weight or size of the bags.

    While cleaning and organizing your garage, you might also need the Monkey Bar Ski Rack, Bike Rack, or Yard Tool Rack.

    • Rated at 120 lbs
    • Capable of hanging up to six golf bags or extra golf equipment
    • The rack framework is made entirely of industrial steel
    • All metal parts are powder coated for a long lasting finish
    • The hooks are plastic coated
    • Weight: 9 lbs
    • Box dimensions: 51″ x 4″ x3″
    • 2 Small Brackets
    • 4 Screws & Washers
    • 1 Monkey Bar
    • 3 3″ single Hooks
    • 3 J Hooks
    • Installation instructions

Price: $69.99

Grabit 3 Piece Drill Set

Grabit 3 Piece Drill Set

  • Removing damaged screw heads and extracting free-spinning screws is simple with the GRABI’t 3-Piece Drill Set. Whether a screw was over-tightened when installed or whether it has just lost its thread over time and excessive use, the GRABI’t 3-Piece Drill Set can remove broken or stripped screws made of any alloy, including soft screws from wood, metal, or plastic. Each of these removers can be inserted directly into your drill (sold separately) to remove No. 6 to No. 14 screws.

    Select the appropriate-size GRABIT insert based on the size of the screw to be removed. Insert the tool in a variable-speed hand drill set for reverse. It can be used in “quick-change” type chucks for fast, efficient usage. Use the burnishing end of the tool to clean inside the screw head and then use the removing end to thread into the screw head and remove.

    The GRABIT 3-Piece Drill Set can be used with most screw types, such as hex, Phillips, Torx, square drive, etc. It can work in wood screws, sheet metal screws, mechanical screws and other uses.

  • Specifications

    Prazi USA Product No.: PR-5823
    UPC: 73694405823
    Dimensions: Case: 3 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 5/8″
    Screw Sizes: No. 6 to No. 14

    • 3 drill removers
    • Instructions

Price: $18.57

Gravity Bike Stand

Gravity Bike Stand

  • The Gravity Bike Stand securely holds two bikes in a compact space, yet is entirely freestanding. No bolts. No screws. And no permanent installation required. A one-time, 10-minute set-up is all that’s needed. You won’t even need tools!

    A similar four bike stand is also avaialble, sold separately.

    The stand is constructed with an epoxy-coated black finish built to withstand years of heavy use. Vinyl-coated bike cradles and base protects your bikes and your floors from scuffing. Independent adjustment arms provide level bike storage. An optional mounting bolt is provided if you do choose to attach it to a wall. Dimensions: The rack is 27″ wide at the base, extends 21″ from the wall and is 82″ tall. Weight: 20 lbs. Bikes not included.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: RACOR
    Manufacturer Product No.: PLB-2R
    Dimensions: 27″ wide, 21″, 82″ tall
    Weight: 20 lbs
    Warranty: Lifetime

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    • One Gravity Bike Stand

Price: $50.04