Double-Gate Automatic Gate Opener System and Double-Shielded RG6 Coax Cable, 1000 Ft.

Double-Gate Automatic Gate Opener System and Double-Shielded RG6 Coax Cable, 1000 Ft.

Double-Gate Automatic Gate Opener System

Double-Gate Automatic Gate Opener System

  • Tired of stopping your vehicle and manually opening/closing your gate every time you leave or come home? Simplify the process with this single-gate automatic gate opening system that lets you control your gate from the comfort of your vehicle! Just press the entry transmitter in your car (similar to a garage door opener) and the Automatic Gate Opener will open your gate. Once you exit, you can close the gate with another press of the remote, or it will close by itself 60 seconds later β€” so you’ll never accidentally leave it open. For Double Swing Gates up to 18 feet long or 850 pounds. Also available in a single gate version.

    The Mighty Mule 502 Dual Gate Opener (FM502) is a heavy duty, commercial grade unit that is very easy to install. It is designed for installation on a pull-to-open dual leaf gate (gates that open into the property). It has upgraded commercial features such as “soft start “and “soft stop” that will extend the life of your gate hardware and gate opener. Another feature is the extra large control box that is prewired for an optional second battery. (We recommend a second battery for solar applications.) All these advanced features are contained in a easy to install, “Do it Yourself” kit. The Mighty Mule kit includes a helpful installation video and detailed manual so you can install it yourself!

    The Mighty Mule E-Z Gate Opener features adjustable obstruction sensing. This safety feature makes the gate stop and reverse direction within 2 seconds when it comes in contact with an obstruction. MIN is the factory setting; meaning the gate will exert the minimum force on an obstruction before it stops and reverses direction.

    The Mighty Mule E-Z Gate Opener also has an adjustable auto-close feature. After the gate reaches the fully open position, it can be set to remain open up to 120 seconds before automatically closing. Pressing the transmitter button at any time after the gate opens fully will cause it to close immediately. OFF is the factory setting; meaning the
    gate will stay open until you press the transmitter (or keypad, etc.) again.

    Expand and Upgrade Your System With These Add-On Accessories:

    Automatic Gate Opener Transmitter w/Visor Clip (#7413V)β€” Keep an entry transmitter handy and out of the way with this transmitter/visor clip combo.

    Keychain Transmitter (#7413ME) β€” This miniature version of the included entry transmitter attaches on the end of your keychain, so you’ll always have it handy.

    Electronic Gate Lock (#7413GL) β€” Use this zinc-plated bolt lock to provide additional security to your gate.

    Digital Keypad (#7413DK) β€” Program up to 15 codes for your gate … perfect for visitors and delivery people! You can always change the codes if you want to block access at a later time. Can be hardwired or wireless.

    Master Pin Lock (#7413PL) β€” Protect your gate opener from theft with this lock that replaces the clevis pin.

    Solar Panel (#7413SP) β€” Is your gate more than 1,000 ft. from the nearest AC power source? Then charge the battery with one or more of these 5-watt solar panels.

    Gate Opening Sensor (#7413OS) β€” Designed for residential and agricultural applications and is compatible with all Mighty Mule automatic gate opener models. The Gate Opening Sensor is an electromagnetic sensor, which offers ‘hands free’ operation of the Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener with a 12 ft. radius of detection of vehicles in motion.

    Push Button Gate Control (#7413PB) β€” Used for remote entry or exit control. It wires directly to the control board using the low voltage wire (#7413LW, sold separately).

    Column-Mount Bracket (#7413CM) β€” For mounting the Automatic Gate Lock on brick columns, walls, or for other applications with limited space between gate and post.

    Column Mount Lock Receiver (#7413LR) β€” For mounting the Automatic Gate Lock on brick columns, walls, or for other applications with limited space between gate and post.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: GTO, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No.: FM502
    Drive: Low friction screw drive (linear actuator) rated for -5Β°F to + 160 Β°F
    Power: 12Vdc, 7.0 Ah, sealed, rechargeable acid battery
    Motor Speed: 260 rpm – 680ft lb. torque at 12v
    Full Specs: Please refer to manual
    • Mighty Mule 502 Dual Gate Opener – FM502
    • Gate opener w/ 6′ power cable
    • Gate opener w/ 40′ power cable
    • Installation video
    • Transmitter
    • Battery
    • Receiver
    • Control box
    • Transformer
    • Brackets and mounting hardware

Price: $806.41

Double-Shielded RG6 Coax Cable, 1000 Ft.

Double-Shielded RG6 Coax Cable, 1000 Ft.

  • Estimating and buying different lengths of coax cable can be confusing and expensive. But West Penn Wire’s Double-Shielded RG6 Coax Cable is available in a 1000-foot roll, so you’ll be able to cut exactly the length you need to reach every television or security monitor in your home. This coaxial cable is designed for CATV or MATV (master antenna) applications. Wire strippers, crimping tools and cable connectors are sold separately.

    West Penn Wire’s 2.4GHz Quad Shield Coax is a 1000-foot spool of double-shielded solid copper-covered steel conductor with gas-injected polyethylene insulation and a PVC jacket. This cable is also available with quad shielding.

    Get the Best Connection

    Compression fittings are agreed to be the highest quality type for audio/video applications because they feature a radial crimp that compresses uniformly around the cable and the body of the connector. This creates a stronger, more robust connection between it and the cable, and provides superior electrical performance compared to traditional connections. Compression fittings also offer a quicker, more consistent termination, with a high degree of repeatability to ensure that tired hands will not make a bad connection.

    Terminating RG6 and RG6 Quad coaxial cable has never been easier. With the Weatherproof Compression Tool Set, you can quickly relocate cable TV/cable modem outlets, replace faulty F connectors or install and repair your satellite TV. The Weatherproof Compression Tool Set lets you make professional-quality terminations easily. This HDTV-compatible set includes a compression crimp tool, a cable cutter, a cable stripper for RG6 and RG6 Quad coax, and 10 waterproof compression connectors that are safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Protect Your Fingers

    After you’ve stripped the coax, save your fingers by using the flaring tool. This special tool quickly (and painlessly!) opens up the coax jacket to make inserting the connector easy. No more bleeding fingers!

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: West Penn Wire
    Manufacturer Product No.: 6100
    Dimensions: 1000 feet x 1/4″ diameter; spool: 13 7/16″ H x 10.9″ diameter
    AWG Size: 18
    Stranding: Solid copper-covered steel
    Insulated: Gas-injected polyethylene
    Insulation Nominal O.D.: .180 (4.57mm)
    1st Shield Type: BiFoil (aluminum polyester aluminum tape)
    2nd Shield Type: Aluminum braid 60%
    Jacket Type: PVC
    Nom. O.D.: .254″ (6.45mm)
    Nominal Capacitance: Conductor to shield: 16.2 pf per foot (53.1 pf per meter)
    Vel. Of Prop: 82%
    Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms
    Jacket Color: Black, white
    Materials: Solid copper-covered steel conductor with gas-injected polyethylene insulation
    Approvals: UL listed NEC type CATV, constructed in accordance with UL standard 13; complies with article 820 of the NEC (UL 1581 vertical tray flame test)

    • 1000 feet coax cable

Price: $86.43

Draper 112015 In-Ceiling 4:3 Projection Screen 60×80 (100 Diagonal)

Draper 112015 In-Ceiling 4:3 Projection Screen 60x80 (100 Diagonal)

  • If you’re installing a new home theater system and are on a budget, you don’t need to give up your dreams of a projection screen that descends from the ceiling when needed but remains completely out of sight when not in use. The 60 x 80 Ceiling-Mount 4:3 Projection Screen is a huge 100-inch diagonal motorized screen that’s friendly to your wallet but still produces an outstanding picture.

    Note: U.S. Orders only.

    Wall-Mounted Remote Included

    Included with the projector screen is a wall-mounted electric switch for manually raising and lowering the screen. The three positions (Up, Down, and Stop) allow you to position the screen at any level. The switch mounts in any single-gang electrical box and is connected to the screen’s motor with 3-conductor 14 gauge 120-volt cable. A single-gang wall plate is included.

    Included Motor & Housing

    For the ultimate in aesthetics, install this unit flush with the ceiling. A trapdoor neatly conceals the screen and mechanism. When the mechanism is activated, the trapdoor opens and the screen drops down. The motor is mounted inside the assembly on special rubber vibration insulators; operating noises are dramatically reduced and the motor runs smoothly and silently, even after years of service. The motor features internal thermal overload protector and electric brake, and its gears are lifetime lubricated.

    Casing & Function Details

    The case is made from 3/4-inch warp-resistant composition wood. The wiring compartment is completely metal lined to meet the strictest building codes, and the bottom of the case is fully enclosed by two panels, mounted with a full-length continuous hinge. One panel opens and closes automatically as screen operates while the second panel opens manually for access to electrical connections, limit switches and screen surface.

    Screen Details

    The 60 x 80 Ceiling-Mount 4:3 Projection Screen consists of a matte white vinyl reflective surface laminated to a rugged woven fiberglass base material. This base textile provides superior “lay flat” characteristics and tear resistance. The 1.1 gain surface provides a 180-degree viewing cone and requires no tensioning. The projector screen features extremely uniform light distribution, resisting hot spotting and color shifting and making it ideal for any room with controlled ambient light. The screen fabric is washable, fire retardant and mildew resistant.

    Expansion Options

    To automate your new screen, get a Low-Voltage Interface kit (sold separately). Using a contact closure from an automation system or a projector’s relay output, this kit enables automated screen movements, such as triggering the screen to lower when the projector is powered and retracting when the projector is turned off. The control unit is also equipped with jacks for easy connection to an IR receiver module (sold separately as part of the IR remote control kit).

    Additional sizes are available; wall-mounted motorized projection screens are also available.

  • Specifications

    Draper Product No.: 112015 ENVOY MATT WHITE
    Dimensions: Screen: 60″ x 80″; 100″ diagonal; case: 7 9/16″ H x 7 13/16″ W x 99″ L
    Connection Wire: 3-conductor 14-gauge 120-volt cable
    Materials: Screen: matte white vinyl reflective surface laminated to a rugged woven fiberglass base material; 1.1 gain surface provides a 180-degree viewing cone; case: 3/4″ warp-resistant composition wood
    Power: 110-120v, 60 Hz current
    Approvals: UL listed

    • Screen
    • Electric switch
    • Wall plate
    • Operating & installation instructions
    • Mounting materials

Price: $1,291.76